Frequently Asked Questions

What is District Cooling?

A central plant generates the cooling energy by produce the chilled water and transfer it through an insulated underground piping network. Then chilled water supply enters the building and flows through a heat exchanger, absorbing heat from the building space before recirculating back to the central plant.

Whom should I contact for any billing related queries?
Are the tariffs subject to change?

Like any other utilities, South Energy charges are linked to the cost of inputs and general inflation index and are subject to revision.

How do I save on my bill?

To save energy, you can control your consumption by optimizing the setting of your thermostat, reducing cooling losses through your windows, doors, etc. and make sure you turn off the cooling when not required.

What happens if there are issues related to my cooling services
How can I make the monthly bills payment?

Monthly could be done by one of below channels:

  1. Signing in our Customer portal
  2. Online bank transfer (share the screen shot to billing@southenergy.ae)
  3. Direct deposit in DIB ATM Machine (share the screen shot to billing@southenergy.ae)
  4. At our office in Dubai South HQ building from Mon to Friday 8am to 4pm ( view on google map )

Bank Account Details

Bank Name & Address: Dubai Islamic Bank, Main Branch, Dubai, UAE
IBAN Number: AE59 0240 0015 2012 1032 101
Account Number: 001 – 520 – 1210321 – 01

New Gas Connection Questions

How to apply new gas connection?

Please refer to “How to Apply” page.

How do apply for the disconnection my gas services?

Please refer to gas disconnection guide for details. You can also request disconnection from the customer portal or get in touch with customer care service executive via;

Tel : +971 4 8141349
Email : nadhem.abdullah@southenergy.ae

How do I get my security deposit refund?

Customer should submit cancellation and refund form along with the service provider NOC to initiate the refund request.

How many days will it takes to receive my security deposit in my bank account after getting clearance certificate?

It may take 14 Business days for the refund to be processed from the date of cancellation and refund form submission.

Whom should I contact if my gas is suddenly stopped during cooking?

Due to false fire alarm, some times, the building gas supply may be interrupted, kindly check with local building security or call 600 565657.

Whom should I contact if I have an emergency or gas leak?

In Case of Emergency, Please call


What should I do in case of Gas Leak?

In case of gas leak, please do the following :

Do not Turn on/off any electrical Switches or appliances
Do not use any lighters or match sticks to test the leak
Call 600 565657 and report the issue

What should I do in case of Gas Alarm?
  • Switch off the appliance (cooker)
  • Call 600 565657
What should I do in case of Fire?

In case of Fire, Please contact Fire Department (Civil Defense) at 997